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One Battle: A Snapshot in the Hawking-Cameron War

Much has been written and discussed in the last week about, first, Stephen Hawking’s recent interview with the Guardian.  The main bit that’s getting pulled from the interview, for those who haven’t read it, is as follows. I regard the … Continue reading

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Myers, Chesterton, Facebook: Some Thoughts

In my admittedly amateurish and youthful pursuit of truth, reason, emotion, spirituality and logic, I, as we all do, look to longer-tenured and brighter minds to illuminate our steps along the path of our belief journey, which is likely never ending.  About 18 months … Continue reading

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Flatland: Reductionists vs. Believers?

Well I’ll be gorramed: two posts in less than a fortnight.  I’ll have you know that I’m giving up my daily regimen of Xbox to write this post.  I’ll have you know! Since ones of people read this blog, I don’t really … Continue reading

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In God We Trust?

Well, as always, seventy-five years pass between each blog post.  But, I have a little bit of a break from work (and work) and (finally) got around to reading the CFI (Center for Inquiry) take on H. CON. RES. 13, which “reaffirms … Continue reading

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I’m a Satanist?

I stumbled across the blog Debunking Atheists recently, and though I’ve just started to read it, I think it will be a faily interesting site to interact with.  One of the first posts I came across was Atheists are Satanists! … Continue reading

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Bill Johnson Article

[ I changed themes, and now the formatting on this post is all messed up…I don’t have time to fix it right now — I will soon.  – MB ] Here’s a January, 2010 article by reporter Amanda Winters I … Continue reading

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Raising the Dead

Something that’s come up a bit recently, mostly in Facebook conversations, is the issue of people raising others from the dead.  Something I find fascinating is that charismatic Christians love to make claims such as, “raising people from the dead … Continue reading

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